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Diouf O TALF3519 Active
Senior iOS Developer in Dallas
As a software engineer, my journey in the world of technology began with tinkering on my first computer, sparking a lifelong fascination with coding and problem-solving. I thrive on the thrill of unraveling complex challenges and turning them into elegant software solutions that enhance user experiences. Beyond the lines of code, I am a staunch advocate for using technology as a force for good, and I actively seek out projects that align with my values of sustainability and social impact. By continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and embracing a growth mindset, I aim to create a lasting legacy that inspires future generations of software engineers to shape a more inclusive, interconnected, and sustainable world through the power of technology.
Industries : Entertainment, Financial
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Total experience
6 years
Technical skills
6 Years & 9 Months
6 Years & 9 Months
5 Years & 5 Months
5 Years & 3 Months
5 Years & 5 Months
Amazon Glow View project
December-2019 to November-2020
Develop assigned features as per the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern to ensure a thorough Separation of Concerns (SoC) in the code. Work on developing and supporting the user’s experience and onboarding process throughout the app.
Roles and Responsibilites
Worked on performance improvements in the Filter and Search features in the app by making use of Dispatch Queues for better performance. Worked on integrating WebRTC in the app allowing live and interactive calls remotely. Worked with Combine, SwiftUI, and UIKit to produce and deliver the app. Integrated Analytics library within the app using Adobe site Catalyst API to post information about the interaction with an app.
Technologies: SwiftUI, Objective C, X Code
Industry: Entertainment
March-2021 to March-2023
Develope iOS software using Swift, and Objective-C following clean architecture, SOLID guidelines. Develop Frameworks containing multiple UI components and view modifiers using SwiftUI and UIKit for several teams to consume for consistency across USAA products.
Roles and Responsibilites
Implemented Apple Add to Wallet feature for users to add documents to their Apple Wallet utilizing PassKit, PKPassLibrary, PKAddPassViewController. Developed a custom Analytics library that Interfaces with Tealium Tag Management to collect user activities as they navigate through the App. Developed Android software using Kotlin, Java, Retrofit, Dagger and RxJava/RxKotlin following a reactive architecture. Supporting the overall USAA goals by operating within a SDLC using Agile and SCRUM methods.
Technologies: SwiftUI, Objective C, X Code
Industry: Financial
Work history
Senior iOS Software Engineer • March-2023
Mobile Software Engineer • April-2021 to March-2023
iOS Engineer • November-2020 to March-2022
Data Science by Georgia State University
Bachelors degree in Computer Science
Georgia State University
2018 to 2020
English - Native