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iOS Developer

About Talrn

Talrn is an exclusive iOS dev platform. Our mission is to connect exceptional iOS developers from around the world to top companies. We’re headquartered in Mumbai, India and are a remote first company.

Our goal for 2024 is onboard over 1000+ iOS developers to our platform. To know more about Talrn & the kind of work we do check our about us section.

Job Description

If you are an IOS Developer with 5+ years of experience and believe you can be in India’s top 3.5% of IOS Developers, we invite you to go through the requirements below and take at least 3 skills assessments to get into our Talent Network.

The more successful assessments you add to your profile, the better would be your chances of being a part of our Talent Network.

Requirements and skills

- 5+ Years of Total Experience in iOS Programming
- Strong knowledge of iOS frameworks and proficiency in Objective-C
- Understanding of Mobile programming languages such as Swift 4.0, Objective-C or Cocoa Touch
- Experience working with iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Animation
- Experience working with iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation In-depth knowledge of native iOS development frameworks (API, testing, deployment, etc)
- Familiarity with push notifications and cloud message APIs. Ability to evaluate new technology to optimise application development
- Ability to connect iOS apps to back-end service
- Strong understanding of UX UI standards. Strong knowledge of Apple Design and Interface principles
- Strong understanding of the iOS mobile app development cycle
- Need to have proficiency in iOS app designer with excellent problem-solving skills
- Should have adequate knowledge of iOS patterns and practices Responsibilities Design and create high-level iOS applications for mobile devices. Use core data core animation for the iOS framework
- Monitor the performance of apps and make improvements as required
- Identify and fix bugs. Write and maintain codes
- Research continuously and acquire the latest technologies for maximum efficiency
- Xamarin framework and forms experience is a plus

Advantages of joining Talrn:

- Amazing work culture (Super collaborative & supportive work environment)
- Awesome colleagues (Surround yourself with top talent from top MCS & as well as people with deep startup experience)
- Competitive compensation
- Flexible working hours

You can also ping the senior management directly by solving this hexa decimal (17BF966C4) to decimal & text them directly.